Diabetes & Neurovascular Foot Assessments

These foot assessments, with Katie, are aimed to evaluate the vascular and neurological status of your feet.

This is performed with specialised equipment, which are valid and reliable measurement instruments. This will assess the arterial flow through the feet, by analysing pulses and distal pressure and perfusion to the toes. Protective sensation is also assessed and recorded to track changes over time, as it is common for patients with diabetes to suffer from peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling).

The structure and function of your feet are also closely evaluated. It is common for mechanical and structural changes to occur, increasing the propensity for pressure wounds, particularly on the soles of the foot. Your Podiatrist can be pivotal to recognising areas of risk and provide solutions to mitigate deterioration.

This testing provides important information for you and your team of doctors. It offers an understanding of how Diabetes might be affecting your feet and put in place strategies to avoid complications and detect early changes with time.

*This assessment is performed during a separate comprehensive consultation. If you have an EPC Medicare Plan from your GP, we encourage that you utilise one of these visits, at least once per year, for this assessment.

**It is requested you bring along a thorough medical history, to gain an overall appreciation of your health and glucose control and any pre-existing foot problems associated with your feet.

***Please note, some people do suffer from peripheral vascular/arterial disease which can occur with advancing age. This causes decreased blood flow through the legs, which also impacts the feet. If you are concerned about the colour or temperature of your feet, or suffer leg cramps, (irrespective of whether you have diabetes or not) this neurovascular assessment utilising this equipment, is still relevant and certainly worthwhile.